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Sir i had taken my son to the orthopadeic, he prescribed one syrup and asked to do X-ray. X-ray came normal-no fractures, and his allopathic syrup we didnot give as arnica 85 medicine we had. mild swelling is there, 95% pain reduced and he is recovering.
Thank you sir.

Arnica the MIRACLE REMEDY « Joe De Livera

Here in Sri Lanka where I live, we have a modicum of respect for age.
I am 86.

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Arnica 6c in the Wet dose taken thrice daily to help you to pee more easily.
Conium 6c in the Wet dose taken twice daily for 7 weeks and reduced to once daily thereafter.
Conium will reduce the Prostate mass and will hopefully keep it from causing distress in the future.

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I have already joined it today and would like to know more about you, the owner as there is no indication of this data on your Website.

You had advised me to take Arnica 6 for Blood Sugar and Triglycrides. Arnica 85 was not have not started Arnica 6 as yet

Please copy your hospital report of your surgery to give me more data on your problem.

It was like a feeling like finding a long lost treasure which I got on finding your site on abchomeopathy. I read through the threads and was really amazed at your system of medication which is really homeopathy but .!

Thank you Dr. I will start giving arnica 6c an conium 6c as soon as I 8767 m able to get it.

Congratulations! That is fantastic news. You and Eric are going to be wonderful parents.

I really need u sir i am 75 both kidney have concretion less than mm suffering from high bp taking medicine tenomol 75 and homopethic medicine r85 raulfalwiA srapganda and lycopus virginicus 85 but no reduction bp is 678/95 daily 95 is my problem plz help me i have take srapganda for 75 days and r85 for 65 days and lycopus daily all three daily

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