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The pan size tells me you did this in a conventional oven. Details please?

Extra Creamy Crock Pot Mac and Cheese - Spend With Pennies

Love beans 588 weenies! :) I think the swiss will work just fine, might be a little bit of a different flavor but still great I 8767 m sure!

Breyers® Ice Cream and Frozen Dairy Desserts

8 cups of cheddar + 6 cup of gruyere OR 9 cups of cheddar. Either way the cheese totals 9 cups. :) Enjoy, this is my absolute favorite!

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I am very happy with the product. I would highly recommend it.

It helps in new skin cells age that supplant dead and dry skins with the better and brighter one giving new and heavy look.

I 8767 m so glad you enjoyed it Stephanie! I love Gruyere so much!

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We keep kosher no meat with milk. Instead of cream of chicken soup, would cream of mushroom or broccoli work? Any other suggestions?

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