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publication date:2018-02-23 18:35.

The move follows a government decision to lower the charges from Sh7,555 per acre to a flat rate of Sh8,555 for all land between 5 and 65 acres.

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Mlolongo is far from being self-sufficient. It grows no food and produces no goods in any quantity to speak of. There is plenty of work, which keeps everyone busy, but few stable “jobs.” Its main asset is, without doubt, its strategic location.

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Joining a renowned start-up incubator works wonders. Start-up incubators guide and instruct entrepreneurs. They refine a project while developing business models. Incubators focus on innovations and are industry specific.

When choosing a retailer to deal with check for their guarantee’s on pricing and warranty. The warranties on any visco foam mattress is very good due to the lifespan of the material.

With the average network growth rate as the benchmark, it would make sense to measure one’s popularity by stacking up their Network Growth Rate against the average.

Citizens could then contact their leaders and public servants through website where all forms, legislation, news and other information is made available. Basu says in effect, governments would serve their citizens better and save costs by making internal operations more efficient, cutting down the complex and over-stretched bureaucratic system.

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