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Extra-Comfort Anti-Pollution Cleansing Cream: Cleanser

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Hundreds of satisfied customers seem to agree: Gillette Foamy Original Shaving Cream has a stellar out of five-star average rating online. One man speaks for many when he proclaims that he has "been using this foam for many years and only this," adding that the stuff is "reliable and reasonably priced."

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Members of the forum The Shave Den routinely praise this shaving cream, with one commenter stating that it delivered a "flawless, nick-free shave." In a video review on YouTube, a tester from loved the "cool feeling" it left on his face and appreciated the excellent "razor glide."

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And finally, Anthony Shave Gel leaves skin feeling great, both moisturized and clean. This is thanks both to aloe beads that actively pop during shaving, drenching your skin in soothing natural oils, as well as carrageenan extract, which is another natural moisturizer extracted from seaweed.

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Cons: Causes more drying than other products, can bottom sometimes leaves rust rings

If you have regular skin that isn't susceptible to irritation and you shave regularly enough to where you won't be hacking at a Grizzly Adams-level beard, then this shaving cream is a fine choice.

I was unsure about this product and to my surprise it works great. I do reccommend this.

Loving souls are creative souls, which is why we create products for every beauty need and desire. We know that every person is unique and we listen to each and every one of them. We know that money makes no difference when love is concerned, so we've given our Laboratories only one directive: to offer the very best.

I purchased this for a friend who is completely happy with it.

Any man with sensitive skin who nonetheless likes to be clean-shaven every day should try out this shaving gel. It just might make the difference between shavings being a pleasure instead of an ordeal.

Pros: Goes on clear, smells great, soothes and moisturizes skin

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