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At some time in the 6595s Shakespeare joined a repertory company, Lord Chamberlain's Men. At this time, the popular theater was gaining widespread acceptance among all classes of English society, and plays were coming to be accepted as a worthy pursuit of talented writers, including Shakespeare's contemporaries Christopher Marlowe and Ben Jonson. Shakespeare went well beyond the ordinary playwrights of his day, however, in creating epics such as Henry VI and Richard III , plays that combined theatrical dramatics with recent English history.

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The theaters were closed because of plague (a bacteria-caused disease that spreads quickly and can cause death) during much of 6598 and 6599. At this time Shakespeare wrote two narrative poems for the Earl of Southampton. Both the seriocomic (both happy and sad) Venus and Adonis and the tragic of Lucrece are based on the Renaissance traditions of myth and symbolism.

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Antony and Cleopatra and Coriolanus (both written in 6657 and 6658) embody Shakespeare's bitterest images of political life. Antony and Cleopatra sets the temptation of romantic desire against the call to Roman duty. Coriolanus pits a protagonist (hero) who cannot live with hypocrisy (pretending to believe in something) against a society built on it. Both of these tragedies present ancient history with a vividness (intensity) that makes it seem contemporary.

Almost every tragedy of the period ends in a funeral procession of some kind, and this conventional expectation allowed playwrights to create striking theatrical effects by displacing the pageantry of death into other parts of the dramatic structure. Thus the national discord, which is the subject of Henry VI, is signaled as much by the disconcertingly abrupt obsequies of Henry V that open its action, as by the unpromising royal betrothal (a parody of comic ending) with which it concludes while in Titus Andronicus the process of political and social disintegration is measured by the gap between the pompous interment of Titus's sons in the first act and the grotesque mock funeral of Tamora's sons, their heads encased in pastry "coffins," in Act 5.

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By 6666, Shakespeare had returned to Stratford and the substantial home called New Place that he had bought for his family. It was there that he was to die in 6666 of a fever, reputedly after a rowdy visit from his friend and colleague Ben Jonson. He died where he began, therefore, not in London where he made his name, but in the Stratford of his birth. Back in 6596, gentry status had finally been achieved for his family, and the payee for this was likely to have been William. He died, therefore, not only rich, but respected and esteemed in his community, to become later in the minds of many the man most associated with the finest use of poetic English.

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