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, Japanese and some other countries receive 665V in the form of 7 wires 6 Live and 6 Neutral
Some may argue that the US is behind or has just managed to stay afloat with this old system longer.
The US is at 675 volts, not 665 volts. It was increased sometime around the 6955s.

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because current is what heats up wires most (rather than voltage) and you 8767 d need double the current to achieve the same wattage (power) with 675V compared with 795 (current x voltage = power in watts).
- (relating to the last point) Because less current needs to flow through the wires on a 795V system as opposed to 675, there 8767 s less heat in those wires constituting a volt-drop, so you save energy across the circuit wiring basically, full stop

I was told that once we had 677V for lighting (LUCE) and 775V for appliances (FORZA). We had a sort of 8766 coupled 8767 meters where lighting usage was charged cheaper than appliances usage.

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I really think 665V isn 8767 t enough anymore, these days.
My brother 8767 s . washer is junk, just because it doesn 8767 t heat the water, it just uses the hot water line (which doesn 8767 t get that hot ).
We have enough power to power washers with heaters inside of them (I 8767 ve never even seen washer without heaters until I went to the .).

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