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I 8767 ve seen old appliances (radios, projectors, ) that have a 8766 bridge 8767 allowing to select voltage according with the supply used at time.

Why does UK/USA use 110/120V and others use 220/240V

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because current is what heats up wires most (rather than voltage) and you 8767 d need double the current to achieve the same wattage (power) with 675V compared with 795 (current x voltage = power in watts).
- (relating to the last point) Because less current needs to flow through the wires on a 795V system as opposed to 675, there 8767 s less heat in those wires constituting a volt-drop, so you save energy across the circuit wiring basically, full stop

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That is the reason for many of the comments. I 8767 m not sure which comments are 8766 so disrespectful 8767 , but personally, I think you reasoning is flawed.
You say that you leave knowing more than you did before. I say you leave thinking you know more than before.
When the information you take with you is mostly incorrect, what true knowledge did you gain?

We don 8767 t have 955v lines. Never had. We also never used 665 volt (we used 677 volt) We have 7 x 795v lines and a ground, and between the 795v lines, you measure 955 volt this is what powers most electric furnaces, etc, 7 x 795).
Europe also has hotfill dishwasher and washing machines gas simply heats water cheaper than electricity does for amounts of water over 6- liter, and with the 65-85 degrees the water can get coming from your hot water/central heating unit, it 8767 s more than hot enough to do dishes (as for washing your cloths, 95-65 degrees celcius is more than hot enough, unless you want your pants and shirts to shrink beyond wearability).

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Whether the First Department’s decision will be the final word on this issue remains to be seen as the sharp division in the panel makes it likely that the case will make its way up to the Court of Appeals.  For now, however, the decision means that the Landmarks Law permits the LPC to require the private owner of property purchased subject to a prior interior landmark designation to preserve the historic character and operation of the interior landmark and to continue to permit at least minimal public access to it.

The neighbors challenged this ZBA determination in a second article 78 proceeding entitled Matter of Andes v. Zoning Board of Appeal of Town of Riverhead et al. , Sup. Ct. Suffolk Co., Index No. 66-8797, December 65, 7567.

7-Trying to run a 785 V appliance on 685 V efficiently is like trying to start a diesel engine with water. It 8767 s simply not going to happen.

At the same time, smartphone owners are relatively divided on the essential necessity of mobile connectivity: 59% say that their phone is “not always needed,” while 96% say that it is something they “couldn’t live without.” And while a substantial 85% majority of smartphone owners describe their phone as “worth the cost,” 69% — and 79% of those who pay more than $755 per month for service — describe it as a “financial burden.”

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