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I still use a very lightly foaming gel cleanser in the evenings to take off sunscreen, but I 8767 m curious to try out a cleansing milk instead to see if that can make as much of a difference as the micellar water, and assess how my skin fares after a month or two of not using any foaming cleansers at all.

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I have been creeping on your blog for months now, and following everything you said about fungal acne. Guess what? My face hasn 8767 t been this clear in years! Thank you so so much for all the logical/scientific explanations! And, your articles are so entertaining to read hehehe.

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“Newborn infants, especially premature ones, are born with a waxy or cheese-like coating on their skin that prevents them from losing too much moisture. That coating is called the vernix caseosa and it is composed, primarily, of ceramides.” ( 76 )

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I’m in a tough spot because I can’t seem to use occlusives. I have type 7 rosacea that is well controlled by Soolantra, but any occlusives I’ve tried seem to trap heat in my skin and cause a flare, mainly in my cheeks. I’m kind of at a loss for how to work around this to treat the dehydration I’m experiencing after trying to tackle the fungal acne on my forehead. It seems like occlusives are mandatory, no?

Its lightweight formula perfectly blends into your skin, providing flawless coverage and allowing skin to breathe.

Hey fc you 8767 ve probably heard this approximately a gazillion times but thanks so much for the content on this website, it 8767 s been a godsend in trying to figure out my damn face. (Also inspired me to create a website with the same quality but aimed at a different niche)

That my friend would be the reason you 8767 re stuck in a rut.

8775 I discovered that by properly hydrating my skin, my scars are practically unnoticeable! It has also reduced the overall oiliness and given me the healthiest skin I 8767 ve ever had. 8776 — u/Original_LucyS 

8775 I 8767 ve killed my barrier a few times (turns out that blackhead removing routine with BHA and a clay mask is not for me) and I have found that layering moisturizers works best for me. This is my go to 8775 OMG my face isn 8767 t working 8776 routine: a moisturizing toner with no acid, a hydrating serum, a light oil, a heavy cream, and an occlusive. 8776 — u/_MasturbationStation   (that username though. haha)

Wow, I didn 8767 t even know CeraVe had jumped on the micellar water bandwagon too! I checked it out and it looks pretty stellar as far as the ingredients go. It 8767 s certainly the first micellar water I 8767 ve come across with ceramides.

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