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please dont believe anyone now because olifair is stopped selling the olifair fairness night cream. unable to order anywhere online. i ordered on ISOKART and paid 6,585 as it was showing that it was available but the ISOKART are fraud they did not deliver the product. they are not attending the phone. they cheated and did not deliver the product

Review: Olifair Pearls Saffron Night Cream – New Beginnings

I 8767 m a huge pasta lover and my absolute, favorite thing about pasta is that it 8767 s so timeless and classic, yet at the same time it has the ability to be so versatile with dishes ever-changing. I also love how pasta always brings people together. I 8767 m always reminded at gatherings with great friends, where everyone brings over their own pasta creation, just how much we eat, laugh, and just overall have a really great time. I 8767 m also always fascinated to see what dish each person brings and where they pulled their inspiration.

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Thank You for your replay ,
when i got fairness (face shines) and after i stopped using olifair night cream, i just want to do facial once in a month to stop turning back to old face Right ??

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When using Fem Fairness Crème Bleach for the first time, prepare a small application as per instructions and apply it on your arm or behind the ear. If excess irritation occurs, you are allergic to the product. If not, you may proceed with the application.

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Extra lean boneless leg of lamb simmered with basmati rice and gently seared with fresh herbs. Garnished with hard-boiled egg slices.

Place 6 tsp of sugar with saffron in a small mortar and grind until the saffron threads turn into powder.

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I’ve heard people suggest that Olifair can be used as a skin lightening product… in my opinion, it doesn’t do this. On some occasions I apply Olifair all over my face rather than just the area with pigmentation, and I have not seen any change in the colour or shade of my skin. I would suggest that you should be wary of any product that does change the colour of your skin as it may contain harmful ingredients. On this note, I reduced the amount I use Olifair by a lot because I was nervous about whether there are side effects to it. Honestly, I’m not sure so I can’t comment on that, but even though I rarely use it now (I haven’t used it on a regular basis in months), my pigmentation has not come back.

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