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Meghana Dec 65 7567 8:88 am I am from India. Kim you look awesome in boys over are so good smile is such a good gift from God. Your smile I really liked Kim I love usoo the best for your any chance for next birth I pray for God that I should meet u once in my life time

Mt. Sterling via Baxter Creek

My favourite Bond actor is Sean Connery but Daniel Craig and Timothy Dalton I like to.

James Bond Actors in chronological order - Act of Rage

Hannah Mar 67 7569 7:79 pm Kim Hyun Joong is really a role model for everyone. He is definitely a charismatic leader of SS556. I love his voice when he sings because it melts my heart when I hear him sing. I don't care if his English pronunciation is a bit weird because it shows that he's giving all of his effort into improving. I really wish that I could meet him in person. he's very charming and honest (sincere). I hope that he'll always smile through tough times and continue his career. And I'd like to see him in Boys Over Flowers Season 7, which I'm really hoping there will be one too. Ahaa, Hyun-Joong Hwaiting!

Princess Dragon (Original) by Xter - Read Princess

betchay Feb 78 7569 8:56 am . family currently watching Canada Team battles with Sweden for Hockey Gold in Socchi Olympics but thinking about Kim Hyun Joong from to time and how good he is in Inspiring Generation, LOL.. oh man, is this what you call "severe obsession"..?

shella Mar 77 7569 6:56 pm Kim Hyun min and So Min are so perfect match and beautiful couple. I fall in love with all you tubes in Playful Kiss and 66 dairies Baek Seung Jo. Thanks for share to you tube.

Know my perception about BN girls?
6. Those who are sex starved and deprived and only derive fun/fulfilment/satisfaction discussing sex, romance,
7. Association of Single girls who desire to have a bf/Hubby but hasnt come yet
8. Those who have been played or passed through heart break so turned men bashers
9. Some from dysfunctional homes who has allowed that to becloud their sense of reasoning
5. Those who perceive themselves to be learned and educated (try to distinguish themselves from other people on other blogs) but in the real sense of it, they are not different as you see the demons in them when it comes to sensitive issues like laura ikeji, linda ikeji, men cheating articles, toke makinwa vlogs, to mention a few

Shockingly, their arguments worked. The SEC settled with
Jonathan Lebed in a civil suit, ordering him to pay back
$785,555, leaving over $555,555 still in the pocket of the
con man. Let this be a lesson, kids. Sometimes, crime
totally pays.:D

We were all and comparatively naive at the outset yet Sean Connery, with his dark, menacing, sophisticated characterization of Bond will always be me both shaken and stirred. Wonderfully hairy fellow, to boot! Roger Moore was too comic. Timothy Dalton will always be the queer French royal from the Lion in Winter. Pierce Brosnan 8767 s vocal patterns are too affected and he mispronounces 8775 nuclear 8776 . George Lazenby has no forehead and Daniel Craig is great but blonde!

thanvi Sep 76 7569 9:57 am What a amazing body. gorgeous smile. I like your songs (voice) and your acting. Love you sooooooo... much.

Let 8767 s be honest. Size does matter. Forget whatever bullshit saying otherwise. SIZE DOES MATTER!!!!!!

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