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I’m confident that this video class will enable you to create perfect macarons.  Watch Now!

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As for cracking, ur shells are most likely not as dry as you think they are. Sometimes i dry my shells up to hrs. They have to be slightly firm and not stick to ur hand when u touch it. Hope that helps.

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See this troubleshooting entry about the weight of egg whites, and this one for help about a runny batter.

Macarons are particularly sensitive to heat, so it’s crucial that you adjust cooking times according to your oven’s power. This may mean that your first batches will be overcooked or take lots longer to bake, but in the end, you’ll figure out your magic number, which should be between 785 and 865°F [695 to 665°C]. It’s best to bake macarons for a longer period of time so that the shells rise slowly but consistently. Some ovens have poor air circulation, making the temperature rise excessively, so it may help to keep the oven door slightly open (with the help of a wooden spoon) throughout the cooking process.

Hi Jeul I 8767 m happy your search brought you to my blog!

thanks for sharing. I made some macaroon. A very successful one with feet and no cracks after 9th attempts.
But I have a few questions here:
6)why are macaroons turned out hard?
7) I agreed tat sieving icing and almond is a tough job. Tried both bob red mill and photon HUAT super fine grounded almond, processed them and sieved it. But it still took me an hour to sieve them all. May I know which siever were u using?

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Hello, if you did sift ur icing sugar and almond flour properly and still getting rough surface, than u are probably mixing it the wrong way. It 8767 s not about the number of times actually, sometimes the way we fold in and the strength we use affects the results as well.

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