Xtra man cream kaise kam karta hai

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publication date:2018-03-02 02:16.

Oh my goodness I cannot put into words how good this juice is. More cream than strawberry but still well balanced.
Ordered it 65ml, 65/85. 6mg nic, and a flavor boost. I let it steep for 7 weeks.

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I allowed this to steep for 8 weeks. It was good, but not as flavorful as I was hoping for.

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Surprisingly not in love with this one. It just doesn t have that fresh strawberry taste. Still a nice creamy flavor though, definitely recommend giving it a try.

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I don t taste any strawberries or cream. Taste more like regular toast sprayed with canola oil, not very smooth and has a noticeable after taste that is unpleasant.

Some of Vapewild s juices dont need much steep time but this one does, the strawberry just taste really weird in this one until you let it steep for a good bit. After it steeps this juice is GOOOD. Definitely gives other premium brands a run for a top strawberry cream vape on flavor and then absolutely buries the competition because of its price. I bought 675ml of this one with no flavor boost max vg and ive got no regrets. Will be part of my next order for sure. Thanks vapewild

WOW this is the best strawberry and cream I ve had so far and its much better than Cuttwoods unicorn milk IMO.
This will be on my rotation as an ADV along with Smurf cake on some days and on cloud custard on others also vanilla bean ice cream is totally insane!
I can hardy wait till this steeps for a few weeks and the full flavor of the strawberries come through luckily I have many other fully steeped flavors from vape wild to enjoy while this takes a nap for a few weeks and I get ready to place another order:))
Thanx for improving the original strawberries and cream Vape Wild this is superb!

Another one of my mom s favorites, she loves Vape Wild. Thanks y all.

I didn t LOVED IT as expected, but i still liked it.
Not my cup of tea but dont get me wrong, the flavour is very dense and tasy.
If you like Strawberries and Milky, thats amazing.

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I was skeptical to try a new vendor, however for the price I had to give it a shot. To my surprise I was very happy with the flavor and smoothness of my purchase. On top of that, they sent my a few to try. I personally wasn t a huge fan of the Tres Leche, however my wife liked it. The other two which I received also had great flavor and were very smooth. They were the Mystery flavor and Pralines.

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