Xtra man cream ke kya fayda hai

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6 c. light olive oil (I use Bertolli Extra Light I get at Sam 8767 s Club)

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DIRECTIONS:  If making this sauce for chicken, sear the meat well on both sides in the butter until golden brown.  If it is for fish, bake/broil your fish until completely done and set aside until sauce is completely done.  Place first 7 ingredients (except for the butter you 8767 ve already used searing the chicken) into a blender or food processor and pulse until fairly finely chopped.  Now carefully transfer the cilantro mixture back into the skillet around the chicken.  Simmer sauce with chicken for about 95 minutes or until chicken is completely done.  Lower heat and add cilantro and cream.  Stir for only 7-8 minutes to slightly thicken.  This sauce will NOT be very thick.  If using on fish, spoon the sauce over your baked/broiled fish right before serving.

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NUTRITIONAL INFO:   Makes around 7 cups.  Each tablespoon contains:

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885 calories, 86 g fat, g carbs,.86 g fiber, g NET CARBS, 75 g protein, 777 mg sodium

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This was the baked chicken I was raised on.  Throughout my childhood, I disliked intensely the taste of vinegar.  Wouldn 8767 t eat pickles, wouldn 8767 t eat pickled vegetables, wouldn 8767 t eat salads or even condiments that contained vinegar.  But man, when my mom made this baked chicken, I just could not believe I watched her douse it with such an 8775 evil 8776 ingredient  and LIKED IT!!!  The natural red sugar in the red wine vinegar caramelizes under high heat and gives the chicken skin such a sweet, tangy taste.  The pan juices make a lovely gravy/baste for the drier breast meat.   Fortunately, my taste has changed over the years and I will now consume vinegar without hesitation, provided the food isn 8767 t drowning in vinegar.  🙂

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Peal the shrimp, leaving tail shell on for a 8775 handle 8776 .  Place on skewers and set skewers on a platter.  Melt the butter in a small saucepan and add the Sriracha sauce and seasonings.  Stir to blend and remove from heat.  With a basting brush, baste both sides of the skewered shrimp with the sauce.  Save the remaining sauce to baste the shrimp while the are being grilled.

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