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hey i wear a size 68 will flux bindings fit my boot. i measured them and there are around 87 cm or so
thanks for the help

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few drops lemon or lime juice to prevent discoloring of the avocado

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DIRECTIONS: Cook all ingredients over medium heat until all berries 8767 skins have popped open.  Remove from heat and chill.   Store in a jar refrigerator until ready to use.  Remove cinnamon before serving.

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Please note: Sizing may vary depending on the boot make and/or manufacturer

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DIRECTIONS:   Pulse all ingredients in a food processor or blender until chopped and blended.  Don 8767 t pulse too long.  You want it coarsely chopped about like pickle relish.   Store your sofrito in a lidded jar in the refrigerator if not using immediately.  It can also be frozen in plastic bags.

Hi, guys. I have some questions about the tt85 bindings. I have some late model k7 boots, I think it 8767 s called Transit and I have a size 9 or a 77cm. that would be a medium, right?

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