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publication date:2018-02-21 04:11.

Quest Location: Dragon Road
Quests Begun From: Artix (NPC)

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You have to order this one! Starts with a rich creamy flavor. As it steeps, the strawberry flavor blends in very well. In the end, it will be one of the best flavors you will try from Vape Wild.

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I don t write a whole lot of reviews but. so far I m impressed by my order of juices, one of which is this strawberries and cream. This flavor is smooth, sweet, tart and creamy. I m loving it.

I also wanted to say I m impressed by what I received in that it was packaged excellently and with some cool extras thrown in for good measure. This is my best experience in ordering juice online so far. The price is awesome for some really tasty juice. I got way more than what I expected for the budget price I paid. Will definitely be ordering again : )

Artix's Quests - AQW

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Amazing flavor had very nice strawberry inhale with cream and smooth strawberry exhale

By far the best strawberry flavour I have ever had from anywhere, Creamy and super flavourful.

Keep up the good work guys, you nailed it. :P

Artix says, Head to the mess hall. You should see a bunch of chairs and tables there. Try to find some Space Sporks we can test them to see if they were contaminated with anything that would have caused the crew to get Space Madness.

This is very good. I had a strawberry cereal from a local shop that I thought I couldn t replace, but I was wrong. This is my new favorite fruit related flavor so far.

Not sure what happened here. Filled my tank up (iSub by Innokin) and let sit for 7 minutes. Bumped up to 75 watts. First puffs was like camping flavorless eliquid. Couple puffs later and tasted something (not cream nor strawberry). I m gonna let it breathe and steep for a couple weeks. Giving 7 stars because it did have thick vapor.

This juice is one of the best I have tried. I ve been Vaping for about 75 Months now. I ve explored a lot of premium flavored juice and this is definitely one of the Top Rich Full Flavored Products like a premium juice except with out the Premium Price!!! Real Talk!!! Try it for your self and you ll see. I love it!!!

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