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Also, there are some people who can eat nothing but oatmeal and potatoes and lose lots of weight, and it 8767 s not their fault that they 8767 re mutants. I 8767 m quite sure there will be many more future studies showing other genotypes that affect fat and carbohydrate metabolism , but we can now all agree there is no one best diet for everyone.

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Hi Katkinsk, just wanted to say thank you for an excellent article, and the injection of humour! Love the clusterf*ck comment. If I 8767 d have had a mouthful I 8767 m sure it would be all over the computer screen. Anyway, a good article and answered my new-to-keto question about slight rising blood sugar. Awesome 🙂

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So be careful, everybody. We could be different from Inuit people or HFD prone gene.

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It is fun to watch classic movies to see the elegant dinner tables with the beautiful glassware. Now they are 8775 antiques 8776 .

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