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Xtra Man Cream Review (February - 2018): Side Effects

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XTRA-Man is a cream which you need to massage onto your penis, according to information on some websites. One is advised to massage thoroughly until all the cream is absorbed, and then leave to work for at least an hour before a wash. Washing the product off within an hour of application renders it ineffective.

The Extra Man (2010) - Rotten Tomatoes

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XTRA-Man Cream – Does It Helps Enhance Organ Size or a

Let 8767 s dig in and I 8767 ll fill you in on what I found out.

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Keep in mind that if you massage the cream in, it is best to not take a bath within one hour of doing so. This allows the product to provide you with the ultimate effect. Washing will just wear off the cream and it will require you to reapply the formula.

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I 8767 ve also seen some claims that it can cause permanent penis enlargement, but that 8767 s not verified by the official website because there isn 8767 t one.

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