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From the Oval Office, it’s a 65-yard stroll down the sloped colonnade to the Palm Room doors that lead into his ­government-funded mansion. An elevator operator is waiting for him off the ground-floor hallway. “Stop up at the second floor, would you?” asks the President. Then he turns to his guests. “Did you ever see the Lincoln Bedroom?” The Vice President, who has walked over as well, takes the stairs. As a matter of protocol, to ensure continuity of government, the two men do not share the same airplane or ride the same lift.

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&ldquo She sees the dog and asked what the story was. So I give her the story, and she says &lsquo Go ahead.&rsquo I say, &lsquo Don&rsquo t you want her records or anything?&rsquo and she says, &lsquo Get the hell out of here.&rsquo I look up and she&rsquo s in tears, bawling.&rdquo

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HELP, I followed your directions, but it did not turn out creamy at all, had a great taste, but it was a big stuck together ball. I used the assumption that a cup = 8 oz. I will review what I did so you can help, thanks. A) = 7 cups noodles = 6 66 oz. box. B) = 6 can cream of chicken soup, 69 oz., no water. C) = 9 cups of cheese = 9 8 oz. bags of cheese. We had to add 6 6/7 cups of milk during the last half hour to get any type of creamy cheesy look and flavor and we both thought we could have added more milk. So what did I not understand, we would like to try again because we liked the flavor. Thank you for helping me.

Crockpots are for lazy people??? That was a comment you could 8767 ve left to yourself. :- ( You obviously have never tasted a roast cooked in the crockpot. Or anything for that matter. The crockpot makes meat SO tender and delicious!! Bless your heart

I tried this tonight and it was delicious! I made a few changes. I added 6tsp of garlic powder and a cup of noodles. When it was done, I decided I wanted it to be a little crusty, so I poured it into my cast iron Dutch oven, added bread crumbs and put it under the broiler. I think next time, I 8767 ll just cook it in the cast iron instead of the crock pot. This is a keeper!

Just wondering if you add a can of water with the soup?

The current President has taken a different tack, inviting staff up regularly for meetings hosting dinners for old friends, staff and supporters giving tours calling foreign leaders from Lincoln’s old desk in the Treaty Room, where he will also stay late into the night doing work with his longtime personal aide and bodyguard Keith Schiller. “The phone system is so amazing here,” Trump confides as he enters the space. “This one phone, it splits the words”—a reference to scrambling technology meant to disrupt eavesdropping.

Hi Jane, if your crock pot is big enough to hold it, it can absolutely be doubled!

Can you substitute cream of cheddar soup instead of cream of chicken?

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