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As it has been with so much of traditional lore, the inherently erotic properties of olive oil lubricant were swept into the shadows by modernity and are only recently coming back to light. The ancient Egyptians, Greeks , and Romans were well-versed in the many benefits of olive oil and used it amply in sexy bedroom scenes. But as time passed, olive oil became relegated to kitchen use.

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Numerous studies have shown that consumption of extra virgin olive oil helps prevent heart disease .

10 extra virgin olive oil benefits you never knew

It's not easy to produce extra virgin olive oil. A producer must use fresh olives in good condition and monitor every step of the process with great care. Extra virgin olive oil doesn't stay that way: Even in perfect storage conditions, the oil will degrade over time, so it's important to enjoy it within its two-year shelf life.

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Apply a small amount of this formula twice a day after bathing. Massage gently into the skin until it’s completely absorbed.

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This is a very simple product that basically acts as a skin conditioner for the penis. Like the skin on other parts of the body, the skin of the penis must be cared for in order for it to be in peak condition and avoid damage in terms of tearing, infection and severe dryness. Judging by the ingredients contained in the formula for this product, it should work effectively if used on a regular basis although it cannot be relied upon as a treatment for advanced erectile difficulty.

Virgin means the oil was made by simply pressing olives. It didn't undergo any of the industrial processes used to make 'refined' oils such as canola, sunflower, soybean and the lower grades of olive oil labeled 'Pure,' 'Light,' and simply 'Olive Oil.' Virgin olive oils that have no taste defects and pass strict tests in terms of chemistry can be labeled 'Extra Virgin.'

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There. You're healthier already, and you've put an enemy at risk.

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