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I write a letter to my daughter, Kristen Carr, every year on the anniversary of her death to honor her brave struggle with sarcoma and the love and compassion she embodied.

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YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just made the cauliflower taco filling and the 8766 sour cream 8767 , but I used some dehydrated chilis I had on hand. Scrumptious!

Amazing Cauliflower Tacos - Brand New Vegan

LEVIN: Yes, of course white jazz musicians can be the equal of black jazz musicians. And yes, they can be great jazz musicians. In the past, white musicians who wanted to play jazz had to break with certain of their own cultural precepts in order to open themselves to black perspectives and methodologies. They had to be rebels of sorts. At this point in time, given the sweep and depth of the Afro-American’s influence on American culture and the fact that most everyone has assimilated that influence, the African-derived elements of jazz have become as ingrained in white musicians as they are in black musicians. I think that any white musician who’s disposed to play jazz is now as innately qualified to play it as a black musician is.

The Greatest Car Accident EVER | MayoNoise

Just made this up and excited to try but one question
this looks like it makes so much. Has anyone tried freezing this or saving it?

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           Such a call requires—demands—a response in kind: detailed, direct and the result of lots of interplay between our own ideas and those of others. So we’ve taken our time and as much space as we needed to use. We hope this is part of a beginning. 

I made this last night but added a small white onion when pulsing the mushrooms and a can of baked beans to the mixture. Also I have a big thing of taco spice from Costco which had all the same spices so I put in like 5 tablespoons of that. It tastes just like the taco mince I used to make and I love the texture! I made burritos with wholemeal tortillas, and served with sourcream with cor, cherry tomatoes, cos lettuce, corn (just from a can) and cheese. (Veggie, not vegan)

But not only are these dead not content to be silent, they’re not even content to watch us forever screw up. They are about to issue marching orders, not in order to evoke the old days but to ensure that we have the best possible new ones. “We are alive!” they exult. “And though our bodies lie alone here in the dark / Our spirits rise / To stand shoulder to shoulder and heart to heart.”

Once, long after midnight at Creem , Johnny played us his brother Edgar’s first album, which struck me as all too arty. Johnny patiently explained, to universal incredulity, that Edgar had always been the more accomplished musician. I thought this was nothing more than touching brotherly loyalty until Edgar put together White Trash with Dan Hartman and Ronnie Montrose and sold more records in two years than Johnny probably did in his lifetime.

When we docked everyone headed for the parking lot. Pete and his wife Toshi had several bags. I introduced myself, not only because we were meant to talk for a few minutes, but as a prelude to asking if I could help carry their stuff.

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