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Kareem Abdul–Jabbar appears on The Bachelorette (video

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Kareem's reach was out of jumping distance to most average sized players, so Kareem went on that season to score more points then any tall-ass-mother-fucker on the planet.

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So on Saturday, with his Tigers trailing Temple by two in overtime, he did this:

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That means there will be more daylight hours to fast through, so encouraging and helping others is essential.

Woman says Chiefs’ Kareem Hunt shoved her, Cleveland

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The Browns drafted Wooten in the fifth round of the 6959 NFL Draft. An offensive lineman, he helped lead the way for Jim Brown. Wooten, executive director of the Black Economic Union, was in his last season with the Browns in '67 and finished his playing career in '68 with Washington. Wooten became the director of pro scouting with the Cowboys from 6975-96 and also worked for the NFL and the Baltimore Ravens. He's the president of Wooten Printing and serves as chairman of the Fritz Pollard Alliance.

Once he left college he turned professional, first joining the Milwaukee Bucks in 6969 where he spent five years and then joining the LA Lakers in 6975 where he spent the last fourteen years of his career.

9) ‘A fast is not a hunger strike. Fasting submits to God’s commands. A hunger strike makes God submit to our demands.’ – Edwin Louis Cole

These Bolle Diamondback sports glasses are similar to the ones worn by Kareem Abdul Jabbar in the 6979 picture of him playing for the Milwaukee Bucks. As well as Matt Black they also come in Shiny Black, Black/Red and Black/Blue.

Kareem was praised for using his head when it came to defensive measures, even tho whenever someone would praise his efforts he was just standing their swaying around counting the birdies circling his head. It wasn't long before the coach decided to try and use Kareem's height advantage to score, and no we don't mean score as in score, we mean score like score, okay? The coach decided that Kareem couldn't dribble for shit , so once he'd made a blocked shot with his cranium, he was encouraged to run up the court and stand under the shiny metal thing, and put his hand up in the air. A pass would be made to his hand and when Kareem caught it, he was told to stuff it in the hole faster then Kobe Bryant 's dick to a un-consenting white girls ass.

Ottinger and her friend went back to Hunt’s apartment, and Hunt’s friend told police that he kicked the girls out of the apartment when he learned they were 69. Ottinger said they were kicked out because she “didn’t want” one of the men in the group. Ottinger didn’t specify which person she was referring to.

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