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How to Start Windows 7 Using Last Known Good Configuration

publication date:2018-03-03 13:47.

Otherwise, you ll need to test to see if the problem you were having reoccurs. For example, if you experienced a BSOD when you entered Control Panel , give it a try. If you tried updating a Windows 7 driver and your sound quit working, try it out now.

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Unlike starting Windows 7 in Safe Mode , there are no scary looking lists of system files running down the screen as Windows starts with Last Known Good Configuration. Remember, all you re doing is rewinding driver and registry settings to those that worked the last time Windows 7 was shut down properly.

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Wait while Windows 7 starts, hopefully normally. It shouldn t take much longer than you re used to.

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If Windows 7 wasn t starting at all, and you ve reached this point, it s a good sign that Last Known Good Configuration is going to solve, or at least get you closer to solving, the problem you were having.

Important:  The biggest caveat with Last Known Good Configuration is that it s only valuable if Windows 7 was working as you d expect the last time you properly shut it down. So if you ve started Windows 7, tried to fix a problem, and then shut it down again with the problem uncorrected, Last Known Good Configuration won t help. So the most important advice we can give is to  use LKGC as one of the very first troubleshooting steps  for driver problems and issues like  Blue Screens of Death.

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This time i am going a bit out of the linux. Recently I have faced a problem in installing wamp server in windows that I might needed in my projects. It has some port listen number problems. I have one video tutorial with this link to have a visual demonstration as well. But for documentation process, the followings are needed to be done!

In most cases, your next option is to use System Restore. See How to Use System Restore to Undo System Changes in Windows  if you need help. However, if you were following a troubleshooting guide specific to the problem you re having, your best option is to go back to that troubleshooting and continue as directed.

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Last Known Good Configuration, or LKGC for short, is a way in which you can start Windows 7 if you re having trouble starting it normally. Last Known Good Configuration loads the  drivers  and  registry  data that worked the last time you successfully started and then shut down Windows 7.

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