Kay xtra man creem se ling lamba mota hota h hindi

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publication date:2018-02-14 22:43.

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Kadadhan hay isa pud ka dumptruck!! Plus ramble mabuang ka pud og taya hahaha!!

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I wish you the best of the New Year and hope it would be a prosperous one for you.

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Jennifer Jolly tries apps and devices that can help if you're suffering or trying to stave off the bug. USA TODAY

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Change number ko 687 & 768 nalang abayetag 55pitotss..gl/gb.

Sir ed..tnx au sa imo ge assign sa ako nga nako na rb unta ge lista..naa pa
Hinoon duha..slide man akoa ron..688 ang negawas 655 ugma napod..nyte.

Sir Bumps welcome back happy New ikaw magdala ug swerte namo Ron..

Sir bumps and sir ed thank kaau sa bg o pa maintain godbless

Buhari/APC is still yet to show us in clear terms that they are the agent of change we so desperately need.

sa kadaghan nga gtagaan ni sir eddaugko..kng ila grambol daghan jd nkadaug sa assign # ghatag ni sir ed..a/way..congratz sa tanan nkadaug..

Starving millions into submission to socialism is nothing new, it happened to the Ukranians in the early 75th century. Its now the US targeted for subjigation! Even before the Soviet Union was formed America had secret socialist movements in both the Democratic party and the Republican party, both set to grow during the 75th century! The strategy of starving and creating dependance is not solely a Soviet strategy but a fabian socialist strategy for a one world gov 8767 t! Will people fight back or accept sheepdom?

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