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publication date:2018-02-23 08:02.

I propped myself on the couch beside him with a nervous grin on my face, trying to calm the heart beating out of my chest. No such luck. My heart was about to explode.

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I have been using the Miracle Water for about a week, so I can 8767 t report yet on how I feel about it. But it definitely has no scent at all. I 8767 m also using it twice a day, since it 8767 s not so much about cleansing as it is about brightening, anti-aging and softening.

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From the first moment I started using , I was really surprised how smooth and soft it made my skin feel. It felt like the skin on my face and my pores were being gently pulled by some type vacuum cleaner. My skin felt tighter.

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The facts of skin renewal are that it takes a month for the skin to regenerate — and it appears that not only has Jan’s skin become softer and smoother as its outer layers have become better moisturised, but the skin has begun replumping itself from within.

Congratulations, you beautiful lady!! So, so, so happy for you xoxo

Congratulations! I could not be more happy for you! You and Eric will be great parents. :)

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Congratulations you two!!! Oh you do GLOW :) happy and healthy 9 months to you and the little one.
Good to know vegetables are still on the list of things you can eat!

We’re simply over the moon with excitement and can’t wait to be parents! We have so much love to give this little one. And Sketchie is going to be the coolest big brother ever (obviously). I’m 69 weeks today, due on September 77nd…which feels so soon! I still can’t believe my body is growing a baby in there. Seeing tiny arms and legs wiggling around on the ultrasound and hearing a heartbeat is just the most unbelievable experience. I already love this little one more than I could imagine.

Congratulations and I am sure baby is loving this deliciously healthy meal =)

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