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Our first test looks at straight-line sequential read and write speeds in a sustained burst condition. Fusion-io lists a /s read speed and /s write speed on the 695GB MLC-based ioDrive Duo.

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Similar to the decreased in peak latency in our Web Server profile with the ioDrive Duo in High-Performance mode, latency standard deviation also dropped a large amount in our Linux test, whereas the Windows test saw minimal improvements.

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To see more detailed information, there is also a page that offers the full printout of specs of the currently selected ioMemory device. This can be anything from the total amount of information transmitted to or from the device to what the current power draw is through the PCIe bus.

Proper lighting can enhance task performance and improve the appearance of an area thereby having positive psychological effects on occupants. Indoor lighting is usually accomplished by light fixtures which is a key part of interior design.

Lethality has decent spreading for its DoT effects, though not nearly the best. This combined with two AOE moves that get amplified by your rotation puts Lethality in a comfortable spot for both full time and part time AOE.

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8            Keep all cables neatly coiled in a dry place away from other working cables even if in a dormant phase.

Genprise Co., deals in a variety of world class outdoor LED lighting systems that are energy efficient, without compromising on effective lighting

The Filler spaces for the first two are pretty set in stone as seen in the opener but for an overall view, using them just as spacing helps understand how to space the DoTs

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