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good noon po admin share 776 776 775 779 778 779 775 777 ( 77 ) 798 795 799 779 796 795 799 796 ( 79 ) other paie no 76 97 95 99 57 65 69 66

Smart Communications launches SMART Buddy “All Calls 20

even if u didnt attended med conf i hope ur papers were fed to let me know..
all the best

Latest CBSE 10th Sample Papers All Subjects PDF Download

Congrats sir yuki at Mae wa pa jud naq na rumble 986 man gihatag dri target kompyansa lang pud ko sayanga ui sulbad namn unta Sofia daug ka freind? Si Madam Melodz585 kya.

Ex-pats ON

Kafaetz puro ligas ang mentin hala psoy 688 o. 698 bahala ka na..

why is it said to be 8775 all calls 8776 ? It misleads a consumer like me wherein i thought its even good for calling other networks and also landline

Hello explained it well in a very crisp manner It is very useful I would like to now about the dressing for SSB Do we hae any dress code??

hatag mo ug numero beh kanang maka daug ko sir #bumpz #mae #jelly #ronald #bobolboy #yuki ug uban pa mga master..salamat daan

86/56/7568 AT 5:58 AM
SHARE: for Last DaY Draw
Am➡9 8798 6 8798 9 ⏩Res. 765
Pm➡77 8798 9 8798 ⏩Res.
Eve➡ 8776 7 8798 77⏩Res.
Chairman ty..for this

Lotto 6/97 PCSO Results
9PM : 95-67-75-68-79-65
JackPot : Php 7,957,
Winning numbers in any order

I am recommended for IMA in April 8767 66. I was declared unfit due to gallstone. I operated and got it removed by laproscopy. Now my question is, till what time am I unfit according to rules? Some say 8 weeks, and some say 67 weeks. What was your experience?

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