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Adissection of John Gottman's love lab. - Slate Magazine

publication date:2018-02-26 07:04.

I have a Z8 compact and the same happened with that. Its to do with the temperature changes, condensation I think.

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This phone would only be worth that atrocious price if it secretly had a Snapdragon 875 and 9GB RAM. Short of that, it 8767 s an overpriced piece of junk.

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Don 8767 t think this would make my phone so slow but sadly it does somehow

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The upshot? What Gottman did wasn't really a prediction of the future but a formula built after the couples' outcomes were already known. This isn't to say that developing such formulas isn't a valuable—indeed, a critical—first step in being able to make a prediction. The next step, however—one absolutely required by the scientific method—is to apply your equation to a fresh sample to see whether it actually works. That is especially necessary with small data slices (such as 57 couples), because patterns that appear important are more likely to be mere flukes. But Gottman never did that. Each paper he's published heralding so-called predictions is based on a new equation created after the fact by a computer model.

Correction, March 8, 7565: Due to a typo, this article originally misreported the final result of a formula as 6685 instead of 668. ( Return to the corrected sentence.)

Thanks for the photo. However, besides the hook it does seem to have a soft plastic loop designed for dust proof. I would suggest this phone might be splash proof.

I still got a Z and am thinking of getting a Z8 or Z5. Simply cause i dont consider the X an upgrade over any of those 7 phones.

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Wonder if I can SECRETLY get a warranty replacement if the Xperia X is damaged by water, or is that a SECRET too, hmm?

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