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publication date:2018-03-13 13:47.

Perfect smooth taste between my wife and I we can t keep enough of this around would recomend to anyone who likes strawberrys!

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Awesome juice can t beat the quality juice you get for an amazing price won t be ordering from anywhere else from now on that s for sure. Perfect blend of strawberries and cream smooth creamy vape just overall amazed by the flavors from vapewild.

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DIRECTIONS: Cook all ingredients over medium heat until all berries 8767 skins have popped open.  Remove from heat and chill.   Store in a jar refrigerator until ready to use.  Remove cinnamon before serving.

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DIRECTIONS: Combine all ingredients and chill.  For a smoother sauce, you could pulse this in a food processor or blender a few seconds.

The strawberries and cream is amazing it has the strawberry taste followed by a touch of the cream. They meld very well together. It smells awesome while vaping aslo. I think it would be great to add some strawberry to it. This will always be a go to of mine.

This is the best strawberries & scream vape I ve ever had

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This is my second review on this flavor and I think it has gotten better since the last time I ordered it. This is the best strawberries and cream vape that I ve ever had.

Was a little strong on the flavor at first but seems to get better with steeping. Almost a filmy taste out of the mail but more subtle after a week of steeping. Overall a flavor that I d definitely order again. Especially for the price!!!!!

Took about two weeks to steep, I was impatient and tried it after a few days and didn t like it at all, after steeping it is now my favorite. It has an excellent creamy flavor, if you like a strong smooth creamy flavor this is your juice.
Just an FYI it is light on the strawberry,

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