Xtra man cream ki kya khasiyat he

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OPTIONAL:  7 T. red wine vinegar and dash of crushed red pepper flakes

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Iv e had a number of E-juice from Vapewild so I had hi expectations of SC7. I found my 67mg juice had very little flavour. Perhaps I will get a flavour boost if I order it again

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I ALWAYS have this juice on hand. Can t go without it. Definitely an ADV for me. Milk & Berries is a super close second. And with these prices?? It s practically a steal. Great product, excellent customer service I love how every order is personalized. You can tell Vape Wild really cares about their customers. This juice is great right out of the box and just keeps getting better and better with time. You won t be disappointed, but this juice in bulk!!!!

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Please follow the instructions and let this juice steep for two weeks. I couldn t wait and tried it right when I got in, and I was disappointed. I picked it up two weeks later, and it tasted great. Also this flavor is really strong, no flavor boost needed. I had to dilute mine with VG to get it back to the original flavor percentage. Will purchase again, just with no flavor boost.

I found that the cream was very overpowering over the strawberry. I still love it, but the strawberry is very faint on the inhale and even fainter on the exhale. The cream began to morph into a butterscotch cream. I love it, but not really as advertised. The two flavors don t really mesh well.

I am constantly adding to my repertoire, not so that I can have a lot of smokers to repair, keep clean, etc. but because I feel that it is important that I use the type of smokers that my readers are using.

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