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Warm Milk, A Pink Cookie A Cream Pie

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Your into the milky flavor. It was good. And I can definitely Vape it.. Just wished it had more of a strawberry taste too it.. Taste too milky for me for it to be an ADV for me. But I would reccomend it.

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I wrote a straight out of the bottle review before, the juice was so good. After 7 weeks of steeping the juice is now heavenly. I cannot describe how delicious this juice is. It has even helped me curb my sweet tooth. Instead of reaching for something sugary , I do a little S+C7 vape session. Yes ! It s that much like Strawberries & Cream. Mothers and Unicorn Milk has NOTHING on S+C7. It blasts them off the planet.

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7 T. Aioli sauce contains: 786 calories, fat, carbs, fiber, 6g NET CARBS, protein, 77 mg sodium

I love this flavor as it is but I got adventurous and added in some chocolate and it took it to a whole new
It was like those chocolate covered strawberries you get for mothers day (or fathers day)

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I got this max VG/ 6mg/ with flavor boost in a 675ml, I got 9 85ml bottles. This liquid was amazing out of the box, I let it steep for a week and now i cant stop vaping it!! I ordered extra as soon as i finished two bottles that took me only 7 weeks. VW are the best in quality and service. I also got extra samplers. I love u VW

Really enjoy this flavor, it is light on the Strawberry, but still good. Prices are really good and service is great. I will continue to purchase my ejuice from this company.

I finally came up with a version of Ranch® Dressing for my husband, who just loves it on salads.  I think my version tastes better than what is sold in the bottle (which I actually don 8767 t like).  No unhealthy ingredients in mine, either.

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