Xtra man cream kya hai esse kya hota hai

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publication date:2018-03-01 12:50.

NUTRITIONAL INFO :   Makes about ½ cup or 8 T.  Each tablespoon has:

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(S+C)7 e-Juice is an excellent vape. I always have a S n C in my rotation and this fits perfectly. Great right out of the box and just gets better each day. As soon as you see the color change a little around the 7 week mark, the magic begins. Nice sweet strawberry not over sweet and a great creamy finish.

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Fantastic creamy flavor. I let this one steep a little longer than the rest. Once it s back and enjoy. Perfect blend of strawberries with tons of cream

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This is very good. I had a strawberry cereal from a local shop that I thought I couldn t replace, but I was wrong. This is my new favorite fruit related flavor so far.

Love the Cream flavor with the hint of Strawberry. The Cream almost makes the strawberry like a fresh Strawberry with a candy back note. Been steeping for a week looking forward to try it again in another week.

Super nice! Can definitely taste the strawberries and cream, with an extra flavor boost it s awesome. Some may find it too sweet with the boost, but I like it. Just ordered 675 ml.

This one made it in my all day vape rotation right off the bat. If you re like most vapors and have some sort of strawberry and cream fetish you ll be glad you gave this one a try.

SAUCE DIRECTIONS:  Melt butter in medium saucepan over medium-high heat and add chopped bacon, brown it nicely.  Add onion and saute until onion is very tender.  Do not drain off grease.  Add all remaining ingredients but the thickener.  Allow to simmer until berries begin to burst open and turn the sauce blue.  Here, I go by smell, and appearance, but when all appears to be cooked and it smells wonderful, thicken to desired level with your preferred thickener.  Allow guests to serve atop roasted duck slices at table.

Got this initially as a freebie, loved it, then I ordered 675ml of it, no steeping time given. Pure Heaven! The only Problem I have is the reviews I see stating this is strawberries and cream version 7. I clearly read (S+C)7. That says to me, that this is no simple custard, but the true Square Root (the Epitome or Strawberries and Cream.)

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