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publication date:2018-02-13 02:27.

Vi stod på Getaway Rock och försökte önska 8775 Play Yard Blues 8776 och 8775 Eternal Flame 8776 men fick inget gehör
Kan ju också nämna att Hr Norum tillsammans med Chris Broderick och Slash dominerade gitarrscenen.

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Hi John,
I play electric guitar and I 8767 m a huge fan of yours. I have all of your albums which I listen to both for enjoyment and inspiration. Thank you for a career full of great music. Look forward to seeing you on the next tour!

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Fascinating stuff, Ron. From the other end of the planet, where I am, it 8767 s heartening to see the automobile making way for – mostly – more human-friendly entprises. Love the pump areas being turned into planters or sitting areas.

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. I 8767 ve sent you an e-card with happy birthday wishes to the webmaster 8767 s mail, so i hope the webmaster won 8767 t delete you will actually view it:)

Hi! I think you 8767 re the best guitar player in the World. Europe 8767 s music is a fantastic and your some of your own albums are so great that I could listen them for ever.

8775 A shining year 8776 to you, too.
The word 8775 shining 8776 fits you perfectly you know ? I used the same as a conclusion of a message about you I wrote on my blog ( http:///7559/59/john-norum-is-brilliant- )

congratulations for the success in the concerts with EUROPE in this summer, and also for the nomination to LLAE like Best Album of the year in UK 8767 S Classic Rock Awards.
See you next year in a BALLS 8766 N 8767 BANNERS Tour, I 8767 ve already bought my ticket for the concert in London,
yes !! I 8767 m really happy…


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Hello John Norum,
thanks for you as an awesome good Guitarplayer. I am 69 years old, really!!!
And I like and start with Europe with Final Countdown til today!
Your Live in Sweden Rockalbum is as good as War of Kings and Bag of Bones too!

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