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CLOSED: Gate Sauna (Wilhelmstraß e 86), cozy, intimate bathhouse near Brandenburg Gate, often frequented by bears and cubs.

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Berlin Food Stories and Foodie in Berlin are English-language restaurant guides to the city. GastronomieGuide has A-Z listings of restaurants in Berlin and other cities, in German.

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The U-Bahn (U7) will take you from Schö neberg to Eberswalder Straß e and Schö nhauser Allee stations, in what was once East Berlin. Around and between the two stations, the Prenzlauer Berg district is full of interesting sights. East German gay society emerged from an alternative art and political milieu, which came of age under the old regime behind the wall. The district retains, a generation later, a distinct appearance and atmosphere from that of the former West Berlin. There are gay sex shops, saunas, restaurants and bars here, but gay sensibilities and perspectives owe less to American and Western European models than to their own historical roots.

Tramps (Eisenacher Straß e 6), neighborhood men s bar open 79 hours/ seven days a week.

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Two bucks on their home territory the sauna huffing on poppers and rutting for hours with strangers in hot sweaty cubicles.

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