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PS i only managed to purchase 555 ml of natural mineral water + Arnica 85c pills!

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Can I use mineral bottled water as this is easily available instead of spring water.
No it is not GOUT. I did ask the doctor if it is GOUT but he said no. The pain of gout is very severe. The nerves are affected but will be able to give you the exact condition after v visit the Podiatrist on Friday 6 feb.
My husband is open to taking homeopathy and I will be getting the mag phos 6x and arnica 8c and starting the same today itself.
Also would like to know this 555 ml bottle, after I make the preparation, should it be kept in the refrigerator and in how many days should I keep the preparation.
Thank you for your advice.

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It is essential that you keep me informed of her progress weekly.

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8775 .she can then take Arnica 8c in the Wet dose twice daily. 8776 Did you mean 8c, 6c or 85c? Arnica 6c brings down the BS within 98 hours u state elsewhere. Would that be too strong a choice for her since you have not recommended it? Her BS of 878 is random and not fasting.

The Nat Phos 6x is your only hope to reduce your weight and I hope that it will help you to do so in a few weeks of daily use. You can rest assured that Nat Phos is absolutely safe in use unlike other drugs and I hope that you have got the Biochemic Cell Salt as the product in the little round pellets is the Homeopathic version which cannot help with weight reduction.

Someone reported that Dark Circles under the eyes disappeared in a WEEK after using Arnica 6c.
Visit the link below and read the article on:

also tell me Sir, whether Arnica 8c & Mag Phos 6x is available normally in India?

sir she does not have any pain in her knees or feet i bought nat phos 6x german make i insert 6 drops of rhus tox and arnica in 555 ml of water so sir i should continue with these medicines ? frozen shoulder is causing her some problem she cannot put her one hand on backside although she is doing exercises regularly thank u again sir 9 ur precious time

Yes I do remember I read that Loccitane review recently. The kanebo product you mentioned as second step was naive deep cleansing foam peach and if in the subject of k-beauty I’m also curious about botanic farm grain ferment cleaning sherbet. Have you heard or tried it?

Oh, thank you for writing back to me! I am 85 years old. No Sir, I am not seeking damages because of the things I saw outside of my body regarding the nurse who made the mistake. In fact, her protection was one of the two terms I made with the hospital. The other was not to bill me since they killed me:) But all of that is irrelevant:

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