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Anyone have a good diet to recommend while using Naturaful? I hate dieting, but I want this stuff to work .

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I 8767 m a natural B cup , but my band is about 98 57 ( depending on weight fluctuations) so hard to find bras to fit band which will stretch . most of the time I 8767 m SOL also my upper abs are not flat, as I 8767 m now an apple shape and carry most of my weight in my stomach area which protrudes right under the band. Harder to lose , but I keep trying. At nearly 55 years old. I 8767 m finding it difficult to find things which fit. Cups with seams pucker on me and look ridiculous under any type of top. Any suggestions?

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Any updates? I 8767 m really really curious wanna buy.

Thanks. This really helps with my pricing I 8767 m starting a new bra company and I always get good insight.

price check. I love Naturaful and I 8767 m always hunting for the best price, but I can 8767 t ever find it lower than what they sell it for on the Naturaful website.

I cannot COUNT the number of times I have gone to Store X during a big sale. Or even not during a sale. You know what I find on the racks? Racks and racks of leftover SMALLER SIZES or sizes for Gigantor. Size 5 (and WTF wears that size 65 year olds?) to size 6. Sizes 78 on up. What sizes are NOT to be found on the racks (because they 8767 ve all been bought out)? Plus sizes. And when I visit stores such as Torrid and Lane Bryant, once again, all of the sizes that are already bought out are the middle sizes: 68, 75, 77. But there are plenty of 69s and 78s on the racks. And yet, the next time, the same thing happens all over again. It 8767 s like the definition of insanity: expecting something different to happen by doing the same thing over and over.

Naturaful is a natural breast cream that stimulates and replicates the natural growth process similar to what might be experienced during puberty or pregnancy.

Could you do a list of good bra companies for small band size, full busted women? I 8767 ve found that while it 8767 s easy to find 99G in stores a 87G is particularly annoying (I only have one, and it 8767 s tan and padded. I shouldn 8767 t be wearing tan at seventeen. And why in the world would I need padding??). I have to say Natori and Wacoal are GREAT companies for 87DD or 87DDD in the US, but once you hit a G, there 8767 s one bra and it 8767 s lame.

*Sigh* Bra buying is such a chore for me. I 8767 m a C cup, but a 95-96 band width (only 69 lbs overweight, but all around the middle). Most places only go up to 88, and bigger than that means 8775 industrial 8776 bras. Even this article large cup sizes (great as those are hard to find in stores) but the same tiny band sizes.

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