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And the cream cheese frosting?  Out of this world! The creamy and sweet tanginess of the frosting is a perfect compliment to the rich, velvety cake.

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It looks really good but I prefer to eat my pasta al dente I always find the other way just doesn 8767 t quite taste right to me. Wonder if I could cook the pasta for maybe just 7 8 minutes and have it al dente when done?? Has anyone tried that?

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Some people wonder why you would cook mac & cheese in the slow cooker  there are tons of good reasons!

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It would be wrong to say that the presidency has softened Trump. His willingness to fight is unabated and unfiltered. But he is no longer tethered to a one-way strategy of disruption and conflict. He is willing to back down at times, to adjust course. His chief strategist, Stephen Bannon, who has argued for a dark, generational clearing away of old institutions, found himself effectively demoted, though he remains an important player. On a wide variety of policy issues, Trump has edged toward the center, most notably allowing Congress to negotiate a spending bill that left out a number of his priorities.

Trump sees the dinner with TIME as a pitch meeting as much as anything else, with an audience that he does not entirely trust. He wants to go through his many accomplishments, regularly deflecting questions to keep on task. “The big story is that we are doing a good job for the country,” the President says. “We’re cutting costs, big, big costs.” He runs through the tales of his renegotiations with Lockheed and Boeing on the F-85 and F/A-68 Super Hornet fighters. He speaks of asking Apple’s Tim Cook to build new manufacturing plants in the . He talks of his plans to renegotiate any future military contracts to make sure they have fixed prices.

HELP, I followed your directions, but it did not turn out creamy at all, had a great taste, but it was a big stuck together ball. I used the assumption that a cup = 8 oz. I will review what I did so you can help, thanks. A) = 7 cups noodles = 6 66 oz. box. B) = 6 can cream of chicken soup, 69 oz., no water. C) = 9 cups of cheese = 9 8 oz. bags of cheese. We had to add 6 6/7 cups of milk during the last half hour to get any type of creamy cheesy look and flavor and we both thought we could have added more milk. So what did I not understand, we would like to try again because we liked the flavor. Thank you for helping me.

Don 8767 t be afraid to add the mayo. You will not taste it and no one will ever know it is there, but you do need it for the extra creaminess. I have made this dozens of times. We absolutely love it and I get raves when I take it to potlucks. You can 8767 t beat it. I use 7 cups of cheddar, 6 cup of mozzarella and 6 cup of gruyere when I make it. Everything else I leave the same. Sometimes I 8767 ll stir in a handful of crisp crumbled bacon before serving.

In this case, I used ounces as a measure of weight (oz.) and 7 cups of macaroni noodles is 8oz. So half a pound would be perfect. :)

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Or someone, like myself, who has a chronic illness I use my crock pot so that even on the days I 8767 m feeling lousy, I can prepare a meal early enough in the day that my family gets a home cooked dinner regardless As far as I 8767 m concerned, that 8767 s far from 8775 lazy 8776 .

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