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Dalinar watched him go. Finally, he shook his head, and went to join the midnight feast, intent on being done with it as soon as was seemly. He needed time with Navani.

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and re. post 88 above, I don 8767 t think Cardiff gig-goers need worry about a foreshortened set to allow N & N an early night before Wembley.

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Anyone familiar with the venue what time does the headline usually go on? I am hoping to watch the first half of the West Ham vs Man City match but obviously don t want to miss the start.

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Navani nodded at that, though she glanced at the people watching and cocked an eyebrow. She thought all this should have been done in private. Well, perhaps she was right. At the same time, Dalinar felt he’d needed this. He couldn’t explain why.

I couldn 8767 t see a difference when I was there a couple of weeks ago. I didn 8767 t know it had changed hands though. That 8767 ll be why the box office has been closed and it 8767 s all online sales now, I spose

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The journey back is wonderfully civilised (unless folk decide to sing the bloody Macc Lads on the bus again) time for a pint or two after the gig before the pm bus which doesn 8767 t have to rush to meet the Transpennine Express, so no sweat.

“The world is ending, Kadash,” Dalinar said. “I can’t simply rely on tradition. I need to know why. Convince me. Offer me proof of what you say.” “You shouldn’t need proof in the Almighty. You sound like your niece!”

“There’s more,” Kaladin said. “These parshmen… how do they know how to talk, how to act? Yes, they’ve spent their lives around society—but to be this, well, normal after such a long time half asleep?”

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