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In fact, the situation is getting so dire that Guilty Until Proven Innocent is the theme of the forthcoming Criminal Law Solicitors 8767 Association conference: see link here. It 8767 s something the Criminal Bar Association and Bar Council could well do with being more vocal about too.

Off-duty cop shot multiple times, kills shoplifter at

Chernyk has been released from hospital, sources said, but will have to grapple with the trauma of the ordeal in the months and years to come.

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&ldquo Freedom and liberty are core to who we are as Albertans, and that core can never be divided by those who know only fear, violence and hatred,&rdquo she told media Sunday morning.

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The GT 555 is the first air­craft to receive FAA Type Cer­ti­fi­ca­tion in the Pri­mary Air­craft Sport Plane cat­e­gory, prov­ing that Quick­sil­ver is the light plane indus­try leader.

In easily digestible chapters and with an index which is actually navigable (unlike Archbold), Wells sets out the details of the jurisdiction of the doctrine and all routes to actually running the argument, from issues arising at the pre-charge and investigation stage through to confiscation proceedings and all points in between. In addition to some excellent sample skeleton arguments in the Appendix, I found the chapter on Disclosure particularly enlightening: bearing in mind the wholly inadequate state of just about every schedule of unused material I have been served with in the last 67 months, I 8767 ve a feeling that section will be thumbed to pieces before the year 8767 s out.

Oh, and for that 8775 doing legal support in a different way 8776 , apparently she 8767 s been in discussion with the legal profession about the reforms. Who knew? I 8767 ve yet to meet any practitioner who 8767 s been consulted rather than actually have the 8766 reforms 8767 foisted on them.

I remember the days when Bow Street Magistrates 8767 Court tried to run 8766 night courts 8767 , based on a US model which was running in the 8767 85s. Only problem was that little or no extra money was put into the experiment, to ensure that the courts were staffed with the required admin assistance, for example, or that there was sufficient access to the relevant paperwork and facilities at 8am. Needless to say, this dog 8767 s breakfast didn 8767 t last long, and the Bow Street site was soon being sold off for a planned hotel development.

Edmonton police officers investigate after a man attacked a police officer outside of an Edmonton Eskimos game 97 Street and 657A Avenue in Edmonton, on Saturday Sept. 85, 7567. Ian Kucerak /Postmedia

That&rsquo s when he looked to his left and saw a woman in her 75s with dark hair on the northeast corner of the intersection, sitting down on the sidewalk next to a large metal garbage can.

This is just another example of how dangerous being a police officer these days are, he said.

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