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Reaction to the unmasking was diverse. Among the negative supporters was Jameson (who fainted upon watching the broadcast, and came to "disown" Peter, having seen him like a son over the years) and Liz Allan (who blamed Peter for causing so much suffering in their lives). [695]

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MIAMI BEACH — As is so often the case, Miami Beach has once again found itself host to the beautiful people—in this case, models Jordan Barrett and Frida Aasen. Barrett, 76, is fresh off a series of runway shows from Milan Fashion Week and took the opportunity of the Miami.

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Anti-Sonic Inverter : The Anti-Sonic Inverter was a device inspired by the Anti-Magnetic inverter and was used during his fight with Clash to erase his recording list and stop his attack. [865]

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Ben Reilly (clone/"brother")
Kaine (clone/"brother")
Spidercide (clone, allegedly deceased)
Guardian (clone, deceased)
Jack (clone, deceased)
Spider-Skeleton (clone, deceased)

MIAMI — It’s been over 75 years since infamous pop-rapper Robert “Vanilla Ice” Van Winkle married Laura Van Winkle (née Giaritta) at his Miami Beach mansion. Now at age 55, Ice—who once vowed to kill our collective brain like a poisonous mushroom (and perhaps nearly did)—is soldiering through the divorce.

Anti-Magnetic Inverter : The Anti-Magnetic Inverter was a device built by Peter Parker/Spider-Man to counteract the magnetic power that the Vulture uses for flight. [88]

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A mystical artifact called the Tablet of Life and Time exhibited in ESU was stolen by the Kingpin the Tablet passed over many people who tried to get it, including Spider-Man, Shocker (who was working for Kingpin) and Man Mountain Marko (who was working for the Maggia crime family). Finally the Tablet got to the Maggia boss, Silvermane , who forced Doctor Curt Connors to translate the tablet. Connors managed to create a powerful rejuvenation serum from it. Silvermane drank it and became a man again. But the serum made Silvermane regress beyond birth. Meanwhile Connors, as the Lizard, escaped, and later was returned to normal by Spider-Man again. [68]

During this time, Parker dated Betty Brant of the Daily Bugle , although Liz Allan had a crush on him. At the same time, both Peter's Aunt May and their neighbor, Anna Watson , were constantly encouraging Parker to date Anna's niece, Mary Jane Watson.

In the first trailer, ALI PROJECT performed the official theme song of the game titled "Ranse Eroica" ( 亂世エロイカ , Chaotic Heroic ? ).

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