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            For me, James Baldwin came closer to the truth than Flaubert. He said that “happiness is not a real state and does not really exist.” I take it my own way, as one must, and think that he meant happiness as some sort of permanent condition. And  he’s right except that sometimes happy arrives, mostly fleeting by but it can also last a pretty long time (by which I mean hours or days).

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You can buy Oil Free Corn Tortillas at just about any grocery store.  Then it 8767 s just a matter of shaping them and baking them until they 8767 re crispy.  One popular method is to a corn tortilla over several rungs of your oven rack letting them hang upside down and bake until crispy.

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LEVIN: He absorbed the experience and went forward. And in a more determined way. Adversity doesn’t defeat Cecil, it energizes and extends him. He makes creative fuel out of adversity—adversity and the experience of an affront, real or perceived. I think he sometimes goes out of his way to place himself in situations that will result in making him angry. Being pissed off focuses and centers him. In this respect I take personal credit for a couple of his best sets.

BRIETEL: Still, what happened that enabled you to expand the range of what you listen to?

Someone else I’ve come to admire is Herb Gardner. He 8767 s an exceptional trombonist, accomplished pianist and terrific bandleader—he leads the Stan Rubin big band at Swing 96 on Wednesday nights in addition to small groups at venues like Charley O 8767 s—and I always get a major lift when I go to hear him.

In a book I’ve been reading, it is said of a father whose daughter has died at about the same age you did, “Theo was the world’s greatest worrier, but the one thing he didn’t worry about anymore was whether or not his daughter was safe.”

BRIETEL: So where has this left jazz as a music? It’s hard for me to get a handle on what’s happening right now. Is jazz finished as an evolving music? Has it become the museum music that Wynton Marsalis seems to think it is? There’ve been no major movements or innovations in almost fifty years— seventy years if you don’t count “free jazz,” which Marsalis and the Lincoln Center people apparently don’t regard as jazz.

General Johnson died last week. He wrote the first great rock 8767 n 8767 roll song not about rock 8767 n 8767 roll itself exactly but about why the music would prevail. And he wrote a ton of other stuff, though that one and 8775 Patches, 8776 his deeply affectionate reminiscence of hard times in the rural south, got the attention.

Raves arrived immediately, but I don’t think anyone’s used the term that best describes it for me: Generosity. The speech gave far more than it took and it held back on self-promotion (granted that the entire speech was wrapped in Bruce’s persona, but I’ve already quoted the only reference to his new album.)

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