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Goji Berries Cream

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Fearne Cotton: Spelt and goji berry loaf | Daily Mail Online

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5Reasons You Should Eat Goji Berries Every Day - One

im so excited for you! My sis told me about it- she almost had a heart attack when she drove by one day and saw the sign. )

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Vitamin E has a special role in cosmetics because it is responsible for the fresh look of the skin. It affects blood circulation in the skin and the maximum use of oxygen, which consequently affects anti-aging process of the skin. It is an ingredient used in products made for application before and after sunbathing. Ideal in combination with vitamin C, it has an antioxidant effect, it regulates sneezing and degradation of cologne and elastin and protects skin from negative sun effects.

Yours looks so much better than theirs! You should be proud :)

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Goji berries are an excellent, healthy snack choice. A ¼ cup serving of dried goji berries has 775 calories. Since they’re nutrient-dense and sweet, those 775 calories go a long way.

Loving this great list. I actually put mint in my green juice as well and it totally adds a ZING!
Will definately try the maple butter and look for the Zen Budda. Love your posts and can 8767 t wait to check out the new wellness book. You do GLOW! You go girl!!

I don’t buy goji berries often due to their steep price, but they are fun for a treat now and then. And boy do they pack a nutritional bang for their buck! This particular mix above is made up of a 6 whole seedless orange (peeled of course), 6 tbsp soaked goji berries, 6/8 cup soaking water, 6 tbsp lemon juice, 8/9 cup strawberries, coconut oil and ice. A vitamin C powerhouse.

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