Man ka ling badao long cream contact no

Jiang Xin | Gemachicka Drama

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59th Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival S5 Boys Solo Verse Speaking

Nov. 21st 10 Things You Didn't Know About the Ka'bah

They also did perform pilgrimage as a response to Abraham 8767 s call to the House of Allāh, and it isn 8767 t Prophet Muhammad 8767 s fault that they altered the pure monotheistic religion of Abraham and used it for their trade.

Low-Molecular-Weight Heparin for the Treatment of Acute

For me, I still think the more I investigate, the more I realize how little I really know………..

The Legend of Miyue | Gemachicka Drama

Hong Kong Island & Kowloon City Inter-School Swimming Gala Girls Group

Golden Ratio or Phi point of the Earth at Mecca Peters projection

I think you have not understood my point in my previous post Rahat. I was saying that the death penalty is not to be applied in the way we are made to believe. That even the apostate should NOT just simply be put to death, except in very specific circumstances. And this would only be carried out under the authority of an Islamic state, so it doesnt even really apply at this point in time.

yes this post is so nice and very informative havent read like this before :-)

The main concern of the prophet Muhammad (SAW) was how he could save all humanity from hellfire and get us all entered into paradise. We need to ask ourselves this question, 8775 Am I concerned about what happens to other people? Do I recognise others as my fellow human beings? Do I care at all about what happens to this ummah? Nevermind the condition of people in this life, but do I care about their eternal salvation?

I apologise for using the words I think, rather I should have said it this way

July 65, 7568

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