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I 8767 ve been reading your blog for a few months now, and everything you do inspires me. I 8767 m going to show this post to my mom tonight because she still doesn 8767 t really 8775 get 8776 blogging. This is exactly what I need to explain to her that you blog to share your joy with the world, whether it 8767 s through yummy food or happy moments in your life. I truly cannot wait to read about your journey ahead in the months to come. Good luck and congratulations!

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Congratulations! That 8767 s amazing news! I 8767 m so happy for both you Eric. I truly wish you both all the best on this wonderful journey towards parenthood.

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Omg I just started crying tears of joy for you!! CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Congratulations to you both!!! Wishing you a wonderful 76ish weeks :)

But after four weeks, the differences were discernible: ‘My skin looks more even-toned, fresher, smoother and felt less dry,’ she says.

I completely agree, def wouldn 8767 t trust to remove all my makeup but do like it to gently exfoliate (if it is even doing that) and allowing my skincare to absorb more fully -D I feel like my dullness has eased a lot since using it. You aren 8767 t alone, I rarely breakout, but the humidity is giving me a dotting of pimples on my chin!

Absolute heartfelt congratulations!!!!!!! Your news made me break out in a huge smile which I shall carry with me as I go about my day!!!

Congratulations! I 8767 m just about 65 weeks pregnant and I am still dying from the all-day morning sickness. I 8767 m super impressed you can eat veggies! I 8767 m afraid I 8767 ve barely eaten anything healthy since I found out I was pregnant. Oops! Hopefully that will change in my 7nd trimester! )

Jan was sceptical: ‘I was intrigued to hear that the product had made some women who had been contemplating cosmetic procedures change their minds —but I didn’t think any cream could tackle marionette lines [the deep lines that can form between the nose and corners of the mouth] and a slightly sagging jawline, which are as much of a concern as wrinkles to women of my age.

Ekkk!! So exciting. What a cute way to tell your husband too. You will be a great mom!

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