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Please request him to list ALL his current ailments in a new thread to enable me to advise him.

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If you feel that my therapy has helped your mother you are free to continue it but you must accept that PT levels are not of any relevance.

The Miracle of Chanukah

Also, I had no idea that your cat has cancer: ( Three years ago, our beautiful 8 year old Maine Coon was diagnosed with gastric lymphoma. It was the saddest time ever. He lived a few months later and then he made the decision for us to let him go to sleep peacefully. Since that time, we have two new cats who mean the world to us, but we will never forget Max.

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The liquid dose is made by getting a 555ml bottle of Spring water from a supermarket and it is recommended that the fine type is read to check if the water is from deep bore wells to ensure purity. The water must be free of chlorine.

This past week I 8767 ve been thinking that a baby may be on the way soon, now that cookbook has been launched and you have some (slight) breathing room! Congratulations, that is fantastic news! You are obviously great at multitasking, so you will make an awesome mama. And you look beautiful as ever. xo

Please follow the instructions below to make the Wet dose of any Homeopathic remedy.

Order Bryonia 85 in the Liquid Dilution but do not use it till I advise you further.

I cannot remember prescribing Nat Mur 755 for you and would like to know the reason why you wish to use this remedy. As far as I remember, I have prescribed Nat Phos 6x and Arnica 85 for you to reduce your weight which I felt was your main problem.

It is my hope that David will also follow my lead and give his remedies in the Wet dose precisely as I have prescribed it below:

I am copying an article from one of my posts which I have recorded on my Website which may be of interest:

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