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Also she took her first dose 8 tablets of nat phos 9 after her meal. Lord willing she will take these 8 times a day. Shes walking on the grass now (I have guided her to walk barefoot for at least 95 mins a day every day).

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You would have noticed that I use which was termed the 8775 This for That 8776 method of prescribing as I have ample evidence to prove that my method which was derisively labelled by the classical homeopaths as 8775 Joepathy 8776 cures the ailments presented by patients and a quick study of the thousands of cases I have helped and cured on my Website invariably cures the patient in a very short time.

my question i was taking 6c but it wasnt having so much effect so i moved to 85c and finally to 755c. i take one wet dose of 755c every night and this really helps my stomach. if i miss a day sometimes the problem comes back. is it safe for me to carry on ? thanks

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My stomach was very bad before so i feel like i need to take 9 nat phos tablets and sometimes every 7 hours for it to remain good. I still feel like my stomach and whole body is full of water but i guess it has only been 8 days now in total so this should hopefully start to go too.

Quite frankly, I do not know how to help you as your case is unique.

I am confident that you will be saved by Nat Phos 6x taken as prescribed and I would like to know if you have experienced any burning in your throat as this will indicate that your gastric juices are refluxing up to your throat and mouth. If yes, you will get Nux Vomica 85c and Robinia Pseudacacia 6c which I shall instruct to use to control this excessive secretion of Acid and Enzymes to cure you.

Thanks Muse! I’m always curious hearing about your am/pm routine, especially since having dry skin too. I can imagine it changes with new products/weather etc. so keep us posted!

Thank You very much for your Prompt reply and also thank you for reassuring the beneficiary effect of Arnica.

my mother is very dear to me. thank you so much for taking interest in her case. i have full faith in you if anyone can help her it is you alone. thanks


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