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publication date:2018-03-05 13:47.

Thank You Sir for the ,I have also read that people who take the wet dose (Arnica 85c) for hair should not take any other medicine alongwith, could you please prescribe something for my Psoriasis. The skin on my palms and fingers (and toes) itches , cracks and started a year back.
Agin, no family history of any such skin ailment.
Apologies for bothering you so much.
And Thanks again 🙂

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. I LOVE the cookbook. We have had the Glo bars twice, made the broccoli/cheeze filling for burritos, and have the Mother Nature Apple Crisp in the fridge. We 8767 re ready for more! :-)

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It is very likely that you are suffering from Gastritis aka GERD (Gastro Esophagal Reflux disease) which has been the Root Cause of your present condition which I believe is due to the Lower Esophagal Sphincter not closing as it should normally which then causes a leakage of Gastric Juice which refluxes up into your Esophagus and causes all the discomfort that you suffer from today.

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Same day evening his medicines were changed to Agumentin DS an antibiiotic 8 times for 5 days (content Amoxilin Calvulnate) with that Ascoril LS 7 times for cough decreasing, Omnocortil (steroid) -6 time night- in 5 days only 8 days used (contents: Predinosine Sodium Phospate) to remove flum the next day while cleaning mouth. After first dose of Agumentin antibiotic, his cough reduced to 85% and gradually it decreased completeley.

You can check his Platelet count in 79 hours and it should have increased above lacs and you will report the new count to me.

Your problem with sleep will be addressed as soon as you start on Arnica 85c in the Wet dose which you will make up in the manner that I have promoted and which I shall copy below.

I must admit that I cannot recollect your case but judging by the Arnica and the Robinia P you have received you are suffering from GERD and are taking Nat Phos 6x. You will continue to take NP as usual and you will also add the 7 remedies above twice daily in the Wet dose and you will leave half hour between each. Do not mix them into one bottle.

For the past 67 years, I have been to all doctors of all therapies but my pain on the root of the nose does not subside. On starting the therapy it would be be bearable for 6-7 days and again be as ususal. It seems that something is tearing / presurring to come out. Sometimes the pain is like wire were I could feel all the nerves in this area from nose to jaws/cheeks / back of the head etc. Due to which I feel fatigue and have no interest in any work. Though I am working but feel that this is not the pace with which I used to work.

Thanks a lot for your quick will get the test done and seriously appreciate your time.

You do not have to take a new blood test for the next 9 months.

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