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What’s more, during both my pregnancies a homemade oatmeal bath has been the go-to remedy to soothe my stretched, stressed and itchy skin and relieve my oh so tired back. Even thinking back I want to draw me another oatmeal bath drop myself into it and drift away on soothing pink oatmeal clouds and dream of puppies and……hold on, hold on I’m drifting off…

Top 10 Ways to Use Activated Charcoal for Better Health

Mizon Snail Wrinkle Care Sleeping Mask (left)-Mizon Good Night Wrinkle Mask (right)

10 Whitening Creams for Hands and Feet

If you 8767 re concerned about what SPF wouldn 8767 t break you out, I highly recommend the blog post I linked above. I 8767 m a person who is VERY prone to comedogenic breakouts. I can 8767 t use fatty acids, oils, esters, polysorbates, amino acids etc. But some Asian sunscreens have been a godsend for me, and I have tried several without any bad experiences. I 8767 m currently using the Hada Labo UV Perfect Gel as my sole daytime moisturizer/sunscreen.

5Ultimate Homemade Oatmeal Bath recipes that will easy

Pink Madison is one of the best-seller skin lightening and whitening cream masks, both for male and female. You can use it to reduce the dark tones, aging spots, or blemishes, and it brightens the dark screen.  The great advantage is you can use it on any part of your body, like hands, knees, and so on not only just on the face wherever you want to whiten.  This wonderful cream is made with all the natural ingredients, like Natural Clays, Jojoba Seed Oil, etc. To apply it, first, wash your face, and then pat the skin dry. Then apply the mask. Remove it with a mild soap just after 65 minutes. Then apply a moisturizer.

Aside from the whitening effect, Niacinamide is also effective against acne and to plump out skin that’s looking tired and dry. Glutathione is also present in the formulation, which is the main ingredient that gives it its skin whitening boost.

If you 8767 re and your skin isn 8767 t particularly sensitive, go with benzoyl peroxide. It will work way faster, but it comes with the downside of not treating PIH.

Make sure to introduce things slowly (especially aquaphor)! It will be near impossible trying to figure what is causing problems (should that happen) if you start using everything all at once. Stridex pads would go first thing after cleansing. No problem and best of luck!

There 8767 s something to be said for the popularity of detoxifying. Whether it 8767 s skin products or juice cleanses , everywhere you look there 8767 s a new way of doing it. Activated charcoal doesn 8767 t sound like something you 8767 d want in or on your body, but there 8767 s a reason people are using it. That reason? It 8767 s detoxifying.

I want fair and moisture look in my which cream should I choose?

Now I 8767 m thinking I might switch to azelaic. Sounds like it will help with the inflammatory deep bacterial acne more than the whiteheads / blackheads? What if I did BHA + Azelaic? BHA for the whiteheads/blackheads, Azelaic for inflammatory, and both for fading the PIH I now have?

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