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Konnie said: 'I loved doing Xtra Factor. It was so exciting. But I also cannot wait to start filming my new show for Discovery in China.'

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Trump inspects prototypes of proposed border wall in Southern California

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Sunshine, warming temps reveal bone-dry roads after hectic morning commute

Dollar General has good buys this week including Xtra & Gain laundry detergent, Speed Stick deodorant, Scott paper towels, Dr. Pepper and more!

One notable gaffe saw Konnie greet Cher Lloyd moments after she'd been voted off the X Factor with: 'What a night it has been for you, a night of dreams.'

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Check your history and you will see a couple of things: A) Black entertainers many times got the short end of the stick in terms of pay in the entertainment industry until recent years. B) Black entertainers also entertain BLACK folks.

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