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I had been searching for the ideal strawberries and cream juice for quite a while and Vape Wild s unique original version fits the bill in my opinion and remains my favorite. I just received a sample bottle of (S+C)7 and while very good, it is also very similar to the offerings from other companies. If you re a fan of Mother s Milk or Cloud Science Alpha then this flavor is up your alley - and for a much more reasonable price.

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Once they are done brining, take them out of the fridge and rinse them well under cold water.

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This flavor is just amazing. I ordered a sample pack of 65ml bottles 7 weeks ago and they threw in a free bottle of this flavor as an extra and oh my lord I am so glad they did cause I instantly fell in love with it. It has a creamy graham cracker pie crust taste with a light hint of strawberry at first then after a week of steeping the strawberry taste began to truly show and it satisfied my taste buds. I fell in love with it and Ima order me a 675ml bottle tomorrow once my oaycheck deposits!

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This is the best strawberry and cream out there. I like sweet juices and this fills the bill. The old strawberry sand cream is also excellent this one juice has more everything. Strawberrys cream and sweet. Thanks vape wild ,you guys are the best!

I have tried my strawberry and cream juices and this is by far the best. It beats cuttwoods unicorn milk hands down. And the vape wild prices are amazing. I havent bought a so called premium e juice since i found vape wild and i do not intend to do so. Thanks Vape Wild for awsome juice and awsome prices. Customer for life.

NUTRITIONAL INFO: Makes about 7 cups, or 8 servings, each ¼ c. serving contains:

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Very first juice I had from guys hooked me right then..So sweet and tasty!!!!

This is my absolute favorite vape. I wasn t sure i would like any of the sweet ones but this is awesome.

It has a really good flavor, would like a little more strawberry, still my all day vape!

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