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When there is not enough water to dilute the uric acid, a component of urine, the urine becomes more acidic.

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This cheese is a gooder (if that is a real word). For me, it was another step up the ladder of cheese nirvana.

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NUTRITIONAL INFO:    Makes about 65 T., each tablespoon contains:

Vacherine Mont D 8767 Or is a cow 8767 s milk cheese. In 6986 it earned a classification as an AOC (Attestation of Origin) cheese. This cheese is produced in Switzerland and France in the Jura mountain region. While researching this cheese I discovered a lot of  confusion about whether this cheese is of Swiss Origin or French Origin. It ends up that it is both, due to shifting political borders in the area where the cheese is made. I found a great online article which explores that subject in depth at Practically Edible.

6½ lb. bacon (about 66-68 slices), chopped into ½ 8776 pieces

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You don't always hear a lot about brining pork like you do with poultry but I think it makes a big difference on things like pork chops. It adds lots of moisture to the meat and it adds flavor so it's well worth your time to do it.

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